Make more money from your data.

Customer data is disconnected, hard to interpret and act upon. Especially if you’re a busy, eCommerce SME.

Good job we know how to make you more money from your data. – an AI-driven Data Management Platform and Predictive Analytics on demand for busy eCommerce SMEs.

Start using your data to acquire, retain and engage customer better…

Sell more by getting your data to work harder for you!

r is for retain - retain more customers

Get more repeat business

rais enables you to effortlessly get more business from your existing customers. This increase in retention boosts profits significantly.

a is for acquire - acquire more profitable customers

Acquire better customers

rais enables you to identify and acquire new customers, who will spend more with you over the longer-term, not unprofitable one-hit-wonders.

i is for infuse - infuse your data to generate sales from it

Turn your data into a sales tool

rais automatically enriches, analyses and segments your data, and enables you to create more personalised communications with each customer.

s is for sell - sell more by putting your data into action

Automatic sales growth

data is worthless if it isn’t used to generate more business. rais does that for you. It’s intelligence-driven, automated CRM. Effortlessly simply, for SMEs.

Tapped into the value of your Customer Data.

Our AI-driven Data Management Platform and "do-it-together" analytics services are a winning formula, founded on more than 20 years of retail customer analytics experience, with some of the world's largest retailers.

In other words, we do the heavy lifting, so you can make better decisions with ease.

What we do AI-driven Customer Data Management platform

A software platform that enriches and harnesses the power of your customer data, allowing you to improve customer conversion, retention and acquisition.

The platform pulls together your data, automatically enriches and segments it. So you can take action to gain and retain more customers, more easily across marketing campaigns.

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rais CRM platform v2 Customer Data Analytics Services on demand

Our data analytics team can quickly ensure your data collection methods are set up correctly and extract further value from your data; cost-effectively answering specific customer-centric questions your business poses.

Act with greater confidence, better informed by the insights that help you achieve your customer retention and acquisition goals.

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“We’ve found rais to be a great support to our business. Their team helped us with our marketing plan, covering how best to communicate with our current customers but will also be helping us to find new ones.

They understand retail and the need for automated and responsive marketing campaigns and are providing a great tool to grow our business quickly and efficiently.”

Harriet Mears and Molly Freshwater

Co-Founders, Secret Linen Store

rockett st george testimonial for rais
rockett st george testimonial for rais 3

“We have just sent out our Christmas Look Book and with the use of the Leapfrogg customer insight in the creation of the catalogue, together with the data from rais, this has been the most successful 3 days of business ever!! We sent it out to half the amount of people than previously, so it has cut costs and increased sales – brilliant.

It just proves that the quality of your data is essential to have an effective campaign.”

Jane Rockett

Co-Founder, Rockett St. George


rockett st george testimonial for rais 2
safiyaa testimonial for rais
safiyaa testimonial for rais 3

We have been extremely happy with the database that rais has provided for us. They have understood our needs and given us a platform that helps to keep all of our customer information in one place. It helps us understand and follow our customer and their needs, and provides us with invaluable information on the customer’s journey. We can then breakdown this information and target the customers specifically with their interests.

On top of this, the rais team are always available for us to contact them and have delivered an extremely helpful and personable experience! Highly recommended!”

Stephanie Adcock

Marketing and Private Sales, Safiyaa


safiyaa testimonial for rais 2

Some of our Clients

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Here are some of the technologies rais can integrate with.

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rais shopify integration
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json xml data feeds
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rais microsoft dynamics nav integration
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