Get more repeat business and profitable, new customers

Send more relevant and personal communications and get a better return on your customer relationships

rais – smart, time-saving marketing software for e-commerce and multi-channel retailers

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Get more repeat business

rais enables relevant communications, which increase customer retention and boost your profits.


Acquire better customers

rais recruits people, who will spend more with you over the longer-term, not unprofitable one-hit-wonders.


Know how to sell more

Understand what customers want and deliver it. rais provides customer insight to develop your business. See the change it will make!


Grow your revenues

rais is fuelled by years of experience in harnessing customer data. This guarantees you’ll sell more product and grow your top-line.

Get a profitable return on your customer relationships


Personalised automated email campaigns

LIFECYCLE CAMPAIGNS – convert subscribers, get them to buy again and keep buying, at the right moment in time.
CUSTOMISED CAMPAIGNS – start executing the most suitable campaigns for your type of business type and business model.

Keep your customers engaged in a timely way. Don’t lose them to the competition.

Personalised one-off email campaigns

PERSONALISED NEWSLETTER – go from generic to individual by including content suited to each recipient.
NEW PRODUCT PROMOTER – be relevant and only market new products to the right segment of customers. Send the rest something they will like instead.
SEASONAL CONVERTER – get seasonal shoppers to come back, and give year-round shoppers another reason to buy.

Powerful one-off campaigns for real-life e-commerce and multi-channel scenarios.

Personalised direct mail to prospects and existing customers

BEST CUSTOMER FINDER – whether it’s a special offer, a thank you or a new product brochure, rais helps you find the best people to send to.
PROSPECT FINDER – spend money wisely, by sending mail only to those prospects with a higher long-term profit potential than others. rais locates the best customers for you.

Positive brand experiences, through the letterbox.

Simple reporting of opportunities

DATABASE TRACKER – see how your database is evolving and the customer types you need to focus on to boost revenues
GEOGRAPHICAL OPPORTUNITIES – understand where you under-perform so you can focus on targeting local markets

Use customer insight to develop your business become a relevance marketer.

Single CRM and customer insight database

CUSTOMER DATA INTEGRATION – linking data from different places in one, go-to CRM and customer insight database. Understand the value of each customer and your history with them.
DATA ENRICHMENT – cleansing data and enriching it with additional contextual information to help you understand your customers better.

Access all the data you need to maximise your return on customer relationships



We’ve found rais to be a great support to our business. Their team helped us with our marketing plan, covering how best to communicate with our current customers but will also be helping us to find new ones.

They understand retail and the need for automated and responsive marketing campaigns and are providing a great tool to grow our business quickly
and efficiently.

Molly and Harriet

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  • Cost per month
rais Entry
  • from £50
rais Kickstart
  • from £150
rais Finesse
  • from £650
rais Legends
  • from £1300
  • Set-up
  • Customer data integration (e-commerce & email)
  • Data cleansing and enrichment
  • Customised segmentation
  • Database customisation
  • Custom integrations (e.g. ERP systems)
  • Campaigns & Insight
  • One-off personalised email campaigns
  • Automated Lifecycle email campaigns
  • Automated customised email campaigns
  • Personalised Direct Mail campaigns
  • Reporting
  • Access to all new feature releases
  • Support
  • On-going support over phone
  • Pro-active account support
  • Omni-channel acquisition support
  • on request

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